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We are your year-round go-to for expert snow plowing, pressure washing, and window washing services. Save time by letting the professionals do what you don’t want to!

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Here at Plow N Wash, we take pride in keeping your property looking nice all year long.

In the winter, we can plow your home’s driveway or your business parking lot. Then in the spring and summer, we transition to pressure washing and window washing!

And yes, we are insured! Why use a fly-by-night service, when you can have peace of mind from the professionals.

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Our Specializations:

We are permitted and insured to service commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal customers!

Commercial Parking Lot Plowing

Whether you're a property manager, or responsible for an industrial warehouse or even if you own a local restaurant, we'll plow your lot quickly, efficiently, and safely so you can focus on your business!

Residential Driveway Plowing

Fast. Efficient. We're in and out so you can get in and out of your own driveway and house safely. While normal shoveling can leave a mess, our backdrag edges on our plows leave a nice clean path for you and can make your driveway look better than your neighbor's! Have us add salt, and your driveway will be completely clear!

Municipal Road Plowing

We're proudly insured to service municipalities, and even your entire HOA. Emergency services are available as well. Contact us, and we will be happy to place a bid!

Pressure Washing

Selling your home, or just want it to look younger? Using a combination of high pressure water and cleaning solutions, we can wash away all sorts of grime and stains to make your property surfaces shine like new!

Soft Washing

For soft, sensitive surfaces that require a delicate touch. We use lower pressure with stronger cleaning solutions on surfaces such as wooden decks, fences, stucco, and more!

Power Washing

Take pressure washing, then add hot water to clean the hardest, stuck on grime or stains. This can be used to remove gum, kill algae, clean your gutters, and more!

Window Washing

We make your windows look HD! No more looking through spots or grime! Selling your home? This can make a huge difference and might be just what you need to get that asking price, or higher!

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Our Recent Projects

We’ve been hard at work upgrading our equipment to the best you can find so we can take care of your property efficiently and properly!

Installing our western mvp3 v-plow


New UltraMount2 System


New LED's To plow Your Property Safely!


Getting ready for this winter season!


Sadie & Bindi approved!


New Yard Signs for this Winter!


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